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And the tests are in!

February 17, 2018


And the tests are in! Or results, rather. The results from live-testing our trusty Forex bots, tweaked lovingly and watched with a mindful eye to run on crypto-currency exchanges has been an unmitigated success. We are excited to share our Financial Report with you, as the potential for investors to yield far higher returns on the crypto-currency exchange over traditional fiat exchanges is exceedingly hard to ignore, and it has informed the future direction of our fund.


Capturing volatility, or market movement (often discussed on this blog) is the cornerstone of any consistently solvent trader’s modus operandi. We’re not interested in trending markets that drag an optimistic trade through the dirt until the trader decides that perhaps one kidney is indeed sufficient, as they can still sell the other to keep the trade going. We’re not interested in flat markets where algorithms get excited about tiny, meaningless pulses in the market and enter equally meaningless positions. As a side note, I remember trading those manually. I caught up on a lot of reading. We are, at Countinghouse, interested in the big moves. In billions of dollars coming and going, of charts that look like you’ve replaced an aggressive drummer’s sticks with pencils mid-show and secretly affixed paper to the drum skins. Movement is king for our algorithms. Movement that has been deflating from the fiat market year by year, which is why our usual returns have diminished slowly in the past three years. See our report for a breakdown.


This brings up to our tests. Oh, the tests. More importantly, the results. Crypto-exchanges have been on our radar since 2008, but with so many exchanges opening up in the last few years, especially last year, it seemed the time to capture all that extraordinary volatility and syphon it back to our investors. So we tweaked our code, and adjusted it in a live-testing environment (real money, not simulations) and soft-footed cynicism crumbled away under the strength of the results coming our way. We’ve done the maths sending accumulated live trade data for further tests using a delicious-sounding test called the Monte-Carlo, R and Z scores and all the other number wizardry at our disposal to verify the viability of our optimism. It’s viable. Go have a look.


Countinghouse Fund is pleased to incorporate crypto-exchanges into our existing infrastructure. We are pleased to announce that new investors can participate in this incorporation by participating in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which is launching very, very shortly. Further details on this aspect, as well as all the detail you could ever want will arrive on this site in the form of our Whitepaper. We are working hard to make this one of our most profitable ventures, as well as one of the biggest ICO’s of early 2018.

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