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The Litepaper

March 5, 2018



Countinghouse Fund is pleased to announce our ICO launch on the third of April, 2018.


Our fiat currency foreign-exchange algorithms will be unleashed upon the crypro-exhanges of the world, allowing us to capture the intense volatility of those markets, as well as practicing our perfected double-sided arbitrage trading system on those exchanges. 


For those unfamiliar with our fund, the traders behind Countinghouse Fund have been active on the foreign exchange market for over a decade, and this already-established fund allows new investor’s capital to go straight into our trading accounts, with no capital raised being reserved for start-up costs, as is typical with many ICO launches. Our year of live-testing, as shown in the previous financial report blog, has made a compelling argument to the fund managers to incorporate crypto-exchanges into our trading portfolio.


Graph 1 : Bitcoin grows 13 fold in 2017, just an example of the growth in the crypto markets. 


The crypto-currency market has grown ten-fold over the past year, with no signs of deceleration (see graph 1). Crypto-currency and the peer-to-peer decentralised marketplace will do to wealth what the internet did for information exchange, and considering the fact that crypto-currency is still firmly in its growth-period, trading volatility and the subsequent profit derived thereof will deliver significant returns to previous and new Countinghouse Fund investors for at least the next few years.


"Our proven mathematical risk-mitigation strategies ... will ensure investors will yield high-returns as our fund consistently grows"

- Mike Pomery

As seen in our Whitepaper, Countinghouse Fund has three core values, which inform our current practices and future direction. These values guide the numerous business decisions pertinent to our crypto-currency launch and the business structure of our ICO. For example, the core value regarding privacy for our investors is maintained though our ICO re-structure by locating the crypto-currency arm of our fund in the Seychelles, both to maintain investor privacy, and allowing our fund to execute double-sided arbitrage by cutting out excess delay in transferring fiat currency to crypto-currency as soon as possible.


We will transition our proven mathematical risk-mitigation strategies into our crypto-exchange algorithms, which will ensure investors will yield high-returns as our fund consistently grows through steady profit. Please see our Whitepaper and Financial Report, linked on our website, for a more detailed breakdown of our financial methodology.



 Countinghouse Fund has already pre-sold in a private sale around 4 million USD worth of tokens to previous investors, and are looking to raise a further 20,000 Ethereum (around 20 million USD) to head to the exchanges with the appropriate amount of capital to securely execute high-volume trades, as well as leave room for our fund to grow consistently throughout the coming years. This will increase the value of our Countinghouse tokens as our fund delivers high yield throughout the forthcoming trading periods.


To join us in our upcoming ICO venture, head to our website to learn more and sign up to our email list so you can stay up to date and learn more about this exciting opportunity.



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