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Isn’t it ironic?

March 24, 2018


“The peer-to-peer, decentralised nature of the blockchain has continued to open previously inaccessible doors to investors in the crypto-community. Now, our hedge fund is proud to join this crypto-currency led democratisation of wealth, bringing our market-beating returns to the world of the blockchain.” –Mike Pomery, ADVFN News release, March 2016


In a twist of irony, this news release designed to attract smaller investors to our ICO launch has caught the attention of big investors, namely other hedge-funds and large investor groups. We at Countinghouse imagine it has something to do with them snapping up the extra 30% token allocation available during the first week of our launch (3rd of April, 2018).  There are only five million CHT tokens available at this price (or around two and a half million dollars USD at time of publication), so smaller investors will need to act very quickly if they don’t want bigger players acquiring these tokens as soon as our ICO goes live.


The team at Countinghouse is genuinely excited to bring hedge-fund level profits to investors of all types, and while we could do this to a certain extent with our fiat-currency fund, the minimal investment was still higher than it is with our ICO launch. Tim is busy whipping up some screenshots on how to participate in an ICO sale if this is all new to you, and we’ll aim to upload a video outlining the whole process very soon as well.



Bigger funds, and venture capital in general typically buy portions of many new ventures at once,



expecting some to flourish and some to underperform. We’ll happily perform for the big funds, but we really want to deliver substantial profits to everyday investors as well. And extra tokens means extra profit.



Put the 3rd of April in your calendar. Stick a note to your most visible pet. Hire a sky-writer if you are paradoxically both wealthy and frighteningly absent-minded. Subscribe to our website if you really have to… Just don’t forget, and don’t let the venture capital firms grab all the sweet pre-sale juiciness first.




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