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To The Moon!

April 13, 2018



We had an excellent time during our ICO launch party, hosted at Hains and Co. in our home town of Adelaide. The Countinghouse Caddy glided luxuriously through the city streets, taking our guests to and from the party in comfort. The team celebrated into the small hours of the morning. Drinks (OK many drinks) were shared and we met with a lot of our newer investors for the first time in person.



Speaking of which, the team at Countinghouse is constantly surprised at the volume of traditional fiat investment (which we manually broker into our smart contract) in our ICO as compared to people purchasing tokens directly. We have had considerable attention from institutional investors, venture capital funds, angel investors and private professional investors who prefer to buy into our fund using old fashioned fiat transfers. It is certainly to be expected that a fund with an established reputation will get investors outside the crypto-space, we’re just excited to bring our returns into the people of the blockchain!



We’ll make room for you, it’s ok. Slide on up, grab a seat. Have some bubbly. There’s plenty to celebrate. We’re the only direct-hedging, active algorithmic trading ICO that’s going on at the moment. We’re not another random utility coin, crypto-platform or venture capital ICO. We actually make money. Have a look: www.countinghousefund.com/financial-report




That means you make money, not just on speculative worth, but from our active daily trading on the crypto exchange. I know it’s not as exciting as another gaming coin, but it’s profitable, so that’s still a little bit nice.


So come along, crypto-world. Join the smart money and take part in a hedge-fund ICO, where you get the delicious profits of a high-yield fund with the more flexible capital requirements and accessibility of blockchain investment. Come along quickly, too, before old-money gobbles up all of our holdings.



Let us just nurse these hangovers a bit…

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