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Fifteen Weeks In: An Update

September 27, 2018


Hello investors and curious bystanders. I thought it was time to check in and let you know how we’re tracking. If you’ve been following our reports (https://www.countinghousefund.com/reports-updates) you can see that we’ve had a pretty good start to trading on the exchanges. Some big volume got us some big profits and despite being close to reporting a loss-week, we managed to get some trades late in that week to drag us back to profit. That means fourteen reporting weeks with no loss so far! That’s nice, but we can’t be that lucky forever. There will be a dip; any equity line that goes straight up without a little dip is either the luckiest trader on earth, or a bit of a fibber.



We’ve discovered in our quest to list CHT on good quality exchanges that Securities Tokens such as ours are not found on many centralised exchanges due to licencing requirements. LATOKEN is an exchange that is pioneering Security Token listing with our CHT as the first of their alternative tokens. We are gravitating more and more towards decentralised exchanges, which allow quick access to their trading platform and a no-nonsense approach to trading tokens. We are looking at some options at present to increase our exchange portfolio as well as pairing CHT to a stable-coin like USDT to offset the erratic price of ETH. We’re also patiently waiting for Fork Delta to officially list our CHT ticker so as to increase our exposure to the secondary token trading markets. Despite the relatively slow progress in getting CHT listed on good exchanges, our token has significant volume (considering that we use no market making to create fake volume) and is gaining value week by week on average.




I’ve also been busy in the background drawing up plans for a new ICO that should start to manifest late this year or early next year. I can’t say much at present, but it is in the same spirit of delivering previously unattainable investment products to the crypto-crowd, just like our CHT ICO. This time we can deliver more transparency and detail every step of the process, as we aren’t using trading algorithms to deliver profit with this upcoming ICO, so there is no need to hide any intellectual property this time around. I’m working closely with a new team, setting up the architecture of this new project. This one has a lot of potential, so stay tuned.


More generally, the team has been meeting with old and new investors, honing the trading algorithms, nursing hangovers from Fun Fridays and squeezing in some time with our families. I thought the workload would diminish after the hectic ICO period, but I was a silly, silly man to have ever fostered that delusion. We are working hard to deliver our investors a nice slice of cash each week, and while it’s hard work, it’s also great to have such insanely talented and dedicated colleagues to work alongside. Thanks to them, and to our CHT supporters.


Back to work Mike!

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