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Weekly Update Report #33

February 1, 2019


From The Fund Manager


Dear Investors,


A relatively slower start with some better moves in the markets arriving just after the weekend had passed and a few volatile moves to cap off our week of trading. There were some failed trades again, but by weeks end we’ve achieved another positive result. After a tough week last week, it was nice to have some good moves back in the market. We hope to get larger moves in the market for the coming weeks.


At the moment, much of the team’s time is consumed with preparations, meetings and planning around our new project. To achieve what we want to achieve with the new project, we have had to seek out more expert advice from specialised individuals and we are being given time frames of months, not weeks, before a lot of the structures and licencing will be ready. As there is so much work to do on our end, we are not too frustrated by these time frame windows. If you notice slower responses to email enquiries and the like, please be patient with us, as our team is stretched across both the new project and the existing one. Although we have taken on extra staff, the work load for the initial set up is very intense. The work is ongoing and we are very much looking forward to presenting you all with a new product. Again, we will keep you updated as more progress is made.


On the subject of progress, we are finally seeing some progress with the new office in the way of a few of the tradespeople making it out to site and bringing the office closer to completion. We had the pleasure of a visit from the electricians to have the power points for all the screens put in place and this allowed for our channel partner Wisper Connect to start fitting out our server racks and the like. We have seen the carpet layers also and they will be fitting over a weekend mid-February. We will keep you posted on this as time goes on.


In relation to our audit released last week, some members of our investor community have gathered a list of questions for our Auditor, who was planning to produce a video response today. However, due to a combination of circumstances, this will have to happen next week. We have now organised to meet with them early next week, and the video will be featured as one of our vlogs. So, please stay tuned as it is sure to help satisfy the curiosity our investors may have around how the audits work.


Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s report, and the whole CHT team wishes you all a safe and happy weekend, and to all who celebrate Chinese New Year, may the year of the Pig bring you and your family good fortune, love, success!



Tim Dawson

Fund Manager
Countinghouse Fund




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