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Weekly Update Report #42

April 5, 2019


From The Fund Manager


Dear Investors,


A great result this week after some massive moves throughout the market. Particularly notable was the spike in BTC and in ETH midweek. Some sharp dips down in XRP contributed too as extra opportunities now that we are running XRP at normal risk. It has been a good first week for the new pair and shows our patience with testing has been fruitful.


Keeping on the topic of algorithmic trading advances, I have been working on the final testings and optimisations of a new algorithm for another project and I found some efficiencies that I should be able to bring over to Mintie. As usual this will involve testing and time but should be a worthwhile improvement. And this brings me on to the point.


Due to two other projects in the works I have had to assign Chris to work on one of them full time. This will mean you will see almost none of Chris on social media but you will still see our lovely moderators and our volunteer moderators to keep the conversations going and you can always email the team on contact@countinghousefund.com should you need our help directly. Make sure you let Chris know you’ll miss him on the social media chats as I am sure he will miss getting in amongst the community. However, Chris’ skill set is more required on the new projects so we have to steal him away from the Telegram community.


With the moves to become more compliant and regulated, we will soon make available a login to the website for investors to complete their AML requirements and to maintain their details for correspondence and continuity. You will also be able to register all your wallets so that they will remain tradeable once the blockchain changes are made. There may also be a requirement for a hold to trading so as we can get an accurate snapshot of CHT and the wallets they are in without also having exchange wallets affecting the snapshot. Further details will come out as there are more developments.


As you can see we are all keeping ourselves very busy here at Countinghouse and we will keep the axe to the grindstone and keep all the advancements moving in the right direction. That is all from me this week, have a safe and happy weekend.


Best regards,


Tim Dawson

Fund Manager
Countinghouse Fund




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