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Weekly Update Report #49

May 24, 2019


From The Fund Manager


Dear Investors,


This week, as always, has had its share of ups and downs, wins and losses. There's has been a big focus in trading communities this week on announcements pushing the market, and as explained before, Mintie doesn't work on fundamental data or news releases, it is just reactive to market movements. ‎ It could really have looked like this was really a good week for someone trading the news. However, we're can't really be complaining here.


As you are aware from announcements in prior weeks, we are setting up our investor portal to complete anti-money laundering/know your customer (AML/KYC) compliance, where investors can update their details and register their wallets holding CHT. This could be nearing completion with the final hurdle around data security. AML/KYC will be required from all investors in any part of the world once we have this rolled out. So you can expect further announcements in this area.


With regard to another part of our upcoming changes to be implemented, this will be our last weekly update letter. Instead we will have all the performance figures weekly as usual, but will publish a monthly update letter. The weekly cycle is too short for significant progress to have occurred on some of the slower moving changes, this is often waiting on third parties or regulatory bodies too, slowing turnarounds further.


For our investors on Telegram, you may have pleasantly noticed an increased of the team's presence, which is intended to lead into making the platform a channel to make announcements in between monthly letters.


Have a great weekend and thank you for reading this report. That's all from us.



Best regards,


Tim Dawson

Fund Manager
Countinghouse Fund




Weekly Performance



Market Activity Summary


Market Data Source: Thanks to @BazzWatkins


Photo Credit: André François McKenzie on Unsplash



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