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GENERAL ADVICE WARNING: The information on Countinghouse’s website and other documentation contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. It is important, before deciding whether to take or use Countinghouse services or products (or, if you are already a Countinghouse customer, to continue your use) that you consider all the Countinghouse documentation (including our Risk Warning) having regard to your own situation. Countinghouse is not a financial advisor and all services are only provided for professional investors or wholesale investors. Please consider our Risk Disclosure Statement and legal documentation and ensure that you fully understand the risks involved in light of your personal circumstances before you decide whether to acquire our services. We encourage you to seek independent advice if necessary.


November 29, 2019


Hello Countinghouse Investors!


We at JFD Wealth are proud to now be at the helm of Countinghouse, as a group fairness is one of our core values, and we believe everybody has the right to a just, fair and direct treatment, whether they are an employee, a client or a partner. Based on the belief that transparency and a direct approach is key to a win-win relationship, we are constantly expanding the scope of our services and product portfolio to encompass more asset classes and investing options. It is this drive that made Countinghouse a desirable acquisition for our vision.


So far, we have established ourselves as game-changers in the industry, providing a new client-centric standard. As we enter a new era of financial trading and investing, will continue to leverage from the latest business and technology transformations globally in order to innovate further and lead by example.


There are many things to cover over the coming weeks and you will begin to notice changes as we move through a period of transition and integration. Expect to see continual changes to the web page and branding as well as changes to how new investors can enter the fund along side the existing methods. We also have the task of processing through an already existing list of investors looking to redeem there holdings, we aim to have this completed in the following four weeks. If you are currently waiting on redemption, you can expect to be contacted over the coming weeks to confirm and execute your liquidation. This is our primary concern over the coming weeks. You may also be contacted by the fund for liquidation if you are deemed to be unsuitable as an investor under our current obligations.These will also be processed in the same period. If you wish to apply for redemption and have not yet done so, please email us at contact@countinghousefund.com. Not all things are in the flux of change at Countinghouse, we will be using the existing algorythms, with the possible addition over time depending on market conditions.


As of today we have full control over the Countinghouse web page and email accounts, much more information on the ongoing changes will be published online and sent to our mailing list. Please be aware this is an ongoing process and relevant information will be made available to our investors as it progresses.


Countinghouse is just one part of a larger vision, we are creating a platform for our investors to have an active portfolio that will be controlled by the individual investor to suit their exact requirements. The soon to be created Portfolio Mixer will allow investors to modify the mix of their portfolio, make a redemption or even set up automatic, periodic, partial liquidations based on either set amounts or percentages of profit, directly online at any time of day. This and more is planned for 2020, full instructions on how to use this service will be provided at a closer date. We are aiming high to bring the remainder of 2019 home and look forward to the new year.


Thank you,



Manny Singh


Investment Manager

Countinghouse Fund

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